Chipmunk and Rapids Recreation Sites- Chilliwack River Valley

Welcome back to my Chilliwack River Valley series! Today we will be exploring Chipmunk Peninsula and Rapids Recreation sites – these are three separate recreation sites and the drive is full of gorgeous scenery along the way. Thanks for joining me and I hope you enjoy this one as much as I did!

Located 26km down Chilliwack Lake Road, turn left onto Bench FSR.

Our first stop is Chipmunk Peninsula. It is 4.3km from the main road and I remember loving camping here as a kid!

There is a turn off with signs to turn Right to Foley Lake or you can turn Left to head to Chipmunk or Mt Cheam trailhead. Keep Left.

4.3km and a lot of pot holes later, you will arrive at Chipmunk Peninsula Rec Site!

It has 22 campsites at only $17/night (Cash Only). Amenities include picnic tables, fire pits and pit toilets. It is a popular starting point for ATV and motorbike riders to access the trail networks off of Bench.

This site is full of old growth trees, moss and ferns, making for a truly beautiful setting.

There are also Garbage and Recycling bins available, which is fairly uncommon for recreation sites – usually you pack out what you pack in.

This is the view of Chilliwack River from what I believe is now the campground Host site.

Our next stop is the Rapids Staging Area. It is not far from the Chipmunk site and I arrived at it faster than I had expected to.

Conveniently located so you can unload your dirt bikes or quads a bit easier, there is a large parking lot with an offloading area, a couple of picnic tables, fire pits, and even a few outhouses!

There are also two entrances, making it easy to enter and exit even if pulling a large trailer. The gates are locked between 11pm and 7am, so plan accordingly.

The third and final stop for today is a recreation site known as The Rapids.

This site is operated by the same people and offers 28 sites at $17/night (Cash Only). 24 sites are in the main camping area and 4 sites are in the large Rapids Staging Area (pictured above). Reservations are available by phone or email, click Here for more information.

The Rapids does not appear to have a host on site, rather you pre-pay at the Chipmunk host and then continue on to your campsite.

The forest and views at the Rapids are gorgeous as well and honestly I think any of these sites would be a great place to stay! Reminder there is no cell service this far down Chilliwack Lake Road, so it is also a great place to unplug for a day or weekend.

These sites are all closed for the winter. They are typically open from Easter weekend to Thanksgiving weekend and are gated to vehicle traffic when closed. It was nice to walk through the sites without seeing anyone though, and fully explore the place in peace.

As always, thank you for reading!

Thank you for joining me on this #ChilliwackRiverValley Series and remember if you like what you read, let me know by clicking that Like button!

Until next time – Stay Safe, Stay Local, and Keep Adventuring! You never know what you might find in your own backyard!

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