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About Me

My Name is Tina and I am a 34-year-old Mom of two. My husband and I have been together for 18 years, married for 13. Our children are 12 and 10, and are complete opposites of each other.
I lived in the big city of Surrey, British Columbia until I was 8, then moved to Cultus Lake, BC.
I loved life in Cultus and enjoyed the small town that it was back then. We were able to dirt bike pretty much everywhere and had trails up the mountain just up the road from our house.
As the little sister to two big brothers, I spent just as much time dirt biking and getting dirty as I did playing barbies and doing girly things.

Now as a wife and a mother, I feel a responsibility to get my family outdoors, connected with nature and make sure my kids are comfortable getting their hands dirty too.

My favorite thing to do is to just get in my truck and go for a drive, and my family has gotten used to this.

My perfect Mother’s Day was when we drove 46km up a FSR to a natural hot spring with our two kids. We pulled in just as a group was leaving and had the place to ourselves for awhile. Our kids thought this was the greatest place ever and we brought our camping BBQ to cook lunch. The almost 2 hour drive each way was definitely worth the views along the way, and soaking in the springs with my kids, having the place all to ourselves.

We here in Beautiful British Columbia take a lot for granted I feel.
A short drive in any direction and you are at a beautiful place and there are always new mountains, lakes and river spots to enjoy and explore.

This blog is simply that – exploring new areas, spontaneous road trips and some planned ones too, and passing on any tips & tricks that I can think of along the way!

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