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As a Mom of two who drives over eight hours to visit family at least once per year, we do a lot of driving with our kids. My son’s first road trip was when he was nine months old and we drove eleven hours straight!

Over the years I have learned what to pack, what not to pack, and how to keep the kids entertained just a little bit longer on those long drives when you cannot stand to hear “are we there yet?” one more time.

We love to camp and I will also post some trip reports, packing tips, camping recipes, how to deal on rainy camping trips, and some great boredom busters for kids!

Check out my Camping Recipes here: https://roadtripmamaca.wordpress.com/category/camping-recipes/

I feel that we here in Beautiful BC take a lot for granted. A short drive in any direction and you are at a beautiful place and there are always new mountains, lakes and river spots to enjoy. Especially as kids get older they appreciate the beauty surrounding them less and it becomes harder to keep them engaged, entertained and willing to explore.

And Into the Mountains I Go, To Lose My Mind, And Find My Soul.”

John Muir