Camping Breakfast Sandwich

This is a family favourite! An alternative to the classic Sausage N Egger, we use ham or whatever meat we have on hand. Ingredients: 4 Sourdough English Muffins 4 Eggs 4 Slices of your favourite Cheese (I use Jalapeño Monterey Jack) Butter to crisp up muffins 4 Slices of Ham Cooking Directions: In a fryingContinue reading “Camping Breakfast Sandwich”

S’mores Cups

The Simplest. S’mores. Ever. My kids love these and it’s a great way to enjoy S’mores as a family with a little less mess! Bonus: They are easy to make at home too! Ingredients: Frozen Tart Cups Mini marshmallows Chocolate chips Cooking Instructions: Remove tart cups from package and thaw Once fully thawed, add miniContinue reading “S’mores Cups”

Camping Mac N Cheese

My daughter loves Mac N Cheese so if we bring it camping, she is one Happy Camper! It is one of those comfort foods that is so easy to make ahead of time to bring a little piece of home on the road with you. Non-Grocery Supplies: 4 aluminum mini pie tins (found at mostContinue reading “Camping Mac N Cheese”

Camping Quesadillas

One of my favourite no-mess meals to make on the road is Camping Quesadillas!! You get a delicious meal with very few dishes, especially if you prep your filling at home- which I highly recommend! Ingredients: 8 Large Soft Tortilla Shells Chicken, beef, or pulled pork(optional) Shredded Cheese (I pack around 2 Cups for ourContinue reading “Camping Quesadillas”

Camping Egg Muffins

Have you ever made an omelette in a muffin tin? These are great to make ahead and then freeze! Put into a ziploc bag or airtight container and store in your cooler until you are ready to heat & eat! These are great not only for camping, but also for those busy mornings where youContinue reading “Camping Egg Muffins”

Camping Banana Boats

These are a favourite that take me back to my childhood, sitting at the cabin next door making banana boats instead of boring old S’mores like I made with my family. I thought I had won the S’mores lottery!! I had all but forgotten about them until recently, but my kids love bananas almost asContinue reading “Camping Banana Boats”

S’mores Cones

I kept seeing this trend of making S’mores in an ice cream cone and finally decided we needed to try it! My kids love S’mores – I mean who doesn’t? The great thing about the variety of cooking options is that you can make these when you’re camping, at a BBQ, or at home! TheyContinue reading “S’mores Cones”

Camping Lasagna

This lasagna recipe is based on one that I made in Grade 12 cooking class many, many, many years ago! I just kept tweaking it over the years and now I honestly do not even use a recipe anymore! So, in order to write this post I had to make it again and actually measureContinue reading “Camping Lasagna”

Camping Nachos & Tacos

I started making Camping Nachos a few years ago, but my kids prefer tacos so I would bring a few soft taco shells as well and it was a big hit. Over the years I have tweaked my recipe and now if we camp as a group, it’s my Go-To Dinner! Ingredients: Ground Beef (1-2lbsContinue reading “Camping Nachos & Tacos”