Downloadable Resources

Here you can find a variety of NEW Downloadable Resources available from Road Trip Mama.

From Printable PDF Scavenger hunts to Summer Checklists and Packing Lists, there are lots of resources available to help prepare for Road Trip Season!
Most of these are Free, but some do have a small charge for unlimited downloads, just to help cover design time.

Tip: Put these fun Printables in a transparent sheet protector, close the top with a simple piece of tape, and pick up some dry erase markers from the Dollar Store.
Scavenger Hunts and Activity Pages can be put in back-to-back to make double-sided fun!

The same can be done with packing lists and meal planners, so they can be used again and again! I’m all about saving money, especially when traveling. Some packing lists get taped inside the bin I consistently use so that it’s handy while packing and I can do a quick check over of everything before we go and make sure it is all where it is supposed to be!

Check out my new Summer Planning Checklist.
Print and fill out with your family, hang it on the fridge, or simply save it on your computer or phone for quick reference! This is such a fun activity to sit down and do as a family.
What is on your Summer Checklist this year…?

You can find my handy two-page Meal Planning Template Meal Planning Template Here.
Page 1 is for the week prior to camping, which gives you a chance to look at your fridge, freezer and pantry to see what might expire soon or during your trip, as well as give you time to think ahead, and make extra portions for meals at home with leftovers to freeze for camping, for example I always make extra taco beef for taco night if we are going camping soon knowing it will be frozen for our trip.
Instead of coming home to a fridge full of bad produce, prepare it and pack it up with you! I love filling and packing Tupperware’s in my coolers and doubt I will go back to anything else anytime soon. I also throw all of my meat in the freezer prior to our trip, so we can have our cooler as cold as possible and save a bit on buying ice.

This Printable Go Bag Essentials is a list of things that I keep either in my truck or in my hall closet so it is easy to grab! This bag comes with me on all of my solo adventures, and if my kids are coming I double the food and water, and pack a change of clothes for them – just in case!

This Printable Road Trip Scavenger Hunt can help keep your kids busy on a long drive! Designed by Road Trip Mama with some input from her kids, this boredom buster will keep them busy for awhile.

These Printable Bookmarks are also a fun activity! With 5 designs to choose from, you are sure to have something for everyone. Print on paper or card stock and customize it to fit your own style!

Check out our Road Trip Bingo and My Family Road Trip! Coloring & Activity Book in the Road Trip Mama Merch Store.

Comment below if there is something that you would like to see added on Road Trip Mama in the future, and I will do my best to make something for you!

New Boredom Buster! Would You Rather – kid friendly version. A great way to get your kids talking, or to distract them from the never-ending “are we there yet?”!

Check back soon for updates and more Downloads!

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