Clear Creek Hot Springs – With Kids!

Clear Creek Hot Springs is located 46km up a Forestry Road on the East side of Harrison Lake.
I love taking my kids on a quiet Sunday afternoon, and it’s worth all of the cross ditches and water crossings to get there!

Fitting Adventures in Amongst Errands

I am a busy Mom of two kids, so I fit the adventure in when I can.
Even if it’s just 20 minutes to sit by the lake before I have to head back home, it’s worth it to me to have that reset and recharge.

Mother’s Day Adventure 2021

This year was a little different, both because of Covid and because I am 2 weeks post op from knee surgery! I am healing well and have good range of motion, but am still pretty sore and need to take it easy. Certain things (like putting on socks) are still a challenge and have helpedContinue reading “Mother’s Day Adventure 2021”

Solo Road Trip for the Soul

Sometimes you just need to get out and go for a drive – by yourself – or at least I do.
Music Up, Windows Down & the Wind in my Hair was exactly what I needed!
Not having to worry about snacks, drinks, or other people is the best way for me to relax and recharge sometimes.
Even though it wasn’t a Forestry Road and I didn’t go up a mountain, I have always enjoyed the Fraser Canyon and the beautiful views that can be found along the way.
There are plenty of pullouts to stop at along your way, and a quick stop at Lake of the Woods on my way home made the perfect pit stop.