Camping Lasagna

This lasagna recipe is based on one that I made in Grade 12 cooking class many, many, many years ago! I just kept tweaking it over the years and now I honestly do not even use a recipe anymore! So, in order to write this post I had to make it again and actually measureContinue reading “Camping Lasagna”

Road Trip with BC Ferries

Road trips with kids can be tough, but when you add a ferry in, it can complicate things, or make for a nice break to stretch your legs and enjoy the ocean views!
Having a Smooth Sailing can depend on a variety of factors, and going prepared can help a lot. We do certain things in advance, both to save money and ensure a smooth sailing along our way!

Road Trip with Kids- What to Pack

What to pack on a road trip with kids – my kids are older now so they understand the concept of a long drive, and choose their own activities to bring along for the trip.
When they were younger, it was all about the boredom busters along the way!
We travel 7 hours each way to visit family at least once per year, so my kids are used to long drives now, but each drive is an adventure, and each age/stage my kids have been in, brings a new set of activities to try, and things to adapt to!
Most of all, be flexible, plan ahead, give yourself extra time to get there, and don’t expect perfect behavior from your kids while confined to a car seat for a long period of time.

Mother’s Day Adventure 2020

For Mother’s Day this year we traveled up East Harrison FSR and found a beautiful spot all to ourselves, near Cogburn Creek!
The Views along East Harrison are gorgeous and always make the drive worthwhile!