Solo Saturday

I took my fur baby Zola for a drive down Chilliwack Lake Road to Bench FSR this afternoon.

Definitely a different vibe on a long weekend- people pulling U-turns on the main road over a double solid yellow line in a 80km/h zone, trailers parked ON the FSR, not even in a pullout or on the side, literally blocking half the road, lines of cars parked roadside, some crooked enough to make it impossible for two vehicles to pass safely.

Zola got to run twice for a little bit, in spots that I figured wouldn’t be busy. She’s well trained and comes right to the truck if oncoming traffic is coming.

Bench FSR was pretty busy, every pullout and all of my favourite spots were full.

I found a little side trail that went downhill and decided to check it out and see if I could find a quiet spot to have a fire.

It got steeper and narrower the further I went and then it brought me out to a flat road. At first, I wasn’t sure where I was…

It wasn’t until I went around a corner and I remembered a friend freaking out on me on a previous trip, that I realized I was on Army FSR. Part of the reason I love solo adventures – no passengers to worry about! Zola never complains about the corners or the incline… haha.

Army FSR

I found a little pullout and built myself a small fire while Zola sniffed around.

The weather was beautiful today – warm, sunny and blue skies. As soon as my fire got going, it started to sprinkle. Then these dark grey clouds started rolling in.

I hung out until the light sprinkle turned into a constant drizzle and then I packed up my chair and dumped water on what was left of my fire. I only built a small fire knowing I wasn’t going to be there for too long.

By the time I got in my truck it was pouring rain, and I had left my window down a bit so the side of my seat was wet! Worse things have happened I’m sure.

I followed Army FSR back up to Bench FSR – I essentially went in a big circle – but it was worth it, because there were way less people and I got to enjoy a nice quiet fire without people constantly driving by!

One of my favourite views on this drive… close to the Elk Mountain Trailhead – one of my favourite hikes (pre knee injury, of course). People were even set up camping in the trailhead parking lot, it was crazy!

Even though my fire time was short and sweet, there is something so soothing about sitting by yourself in front of a crackling fire….

Crackling fire in slow motion just for fun

All in all though, it was a great afternoon and I am glad I got out. I explored a new trail, enjoyed some time in nature, and Zola got to stretch her legs.

Then I headed home for a movie date with my daughter! It was a busy but fun day, and I’ll go to bed tonight tired but with a full heart.

Do you go out on long weekends? We stopped camping on May Long Weekend, because it always rains, and it’s always crazy busy, or sometimes just plain crazy being the first long weekend of camping season! What are you up to for this weekend? Comment below and share your plans with us!

As always, thank you for reading! I know I’ve posted this drive a few times before, but it never gets old! I am also excited to know where this side trail leads too, so if I ever need to get back down to Chilliwack Lake Road in a hurry, I know which way to go!

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