Cheekye River FSR

Just outside of Squamish heading North on Highway 99, I spotted a sign indicating a recreation site in a few hundred meters. I stomped on the brakes, turned on my signal and turned right. Recreation Sites are more my style and typically less busy than Provincial Parks.

It is obviously a popular spot, as I had to pull to the side right away and let a few trucks with mountain bikes in the back get past me. Then across the single lane bridge and up the mountain I went!

This Single Lane is just after the first parking lot (this is the view coming back down)

There was a gate sign at the 1.5km marker stating it was closed from 10pm to 6am, however there was no gate attached to the posts! I’m guessing that is an old sign but cannot say for sure.

Signs for Cheekye River FSR and Cat Lake were easy to see along the way. It was at this point I sent my husband a picture of the road name and let him know I was adventuring up a new mountain, by myself with my dog!

Signs were visible, though a bit battered

I arrived at the parking lot for Cat Lake Recreation Site but the lot looked full and there were even a few parked in the Overflow lot, so I decided to keep driving!

Full Parking Lot! Good sign to keep exploring

Up the mountain we went, and followed the fork to the right towards the Hydro Lines, only to dead end at what appeared to be a parking lot for a trail head. It was very full and a car was trying to get in behind me, so I backed down and turned around without checking it out.

Gorgeous scenery along the drive

I drove back to the fork and went straight, up a dirt road and around a few corners. There were plenty of mountain bike trails, dirt bike trails and people camping in a few spots along the way. It is definitely a popular place and I can see why, as the scenery is beautiful!

Gorgeous and Fun Drive!

Finally I drove past a few dirt bikers pulled over to the side, gave a friendly wave and came to a stop at an old logging site complete with a big burn pile. There was a trail going down that I thought about trying, but it was a bit loose and steep, so driving solo and not having weight in the back of my truck – I decided against it.

Big Burn Pile and lots of dry wood around it!

Once I turned my truck around, I grabbed my chair and my dog’s bed out of my truck and sat down to enjoy the view for awhile. What a view it was!!!

I sat there and enjoyed the quiet and the sounds of nature, until I heard a funny sound. I could not figure out what the sound could be so I got up out of my chair and turned just in time to watch a bald eagle fly behind us, not far away at all! I decided not to reach for my camera and fully enjoy this glorious moment of nature. It was a good decision as the eagle was gone in a flash and I likely would not have gotten a photo anyways.

Gorgeous View

I relaxed in my gravity chair and enjoyed the mountain air, the sounds of nature and the peacefulness around me. I heard dirt bikes in the distance a few times, but never saw anyone come up as far as I was parked.

In My Happy Place!

I always pack Emergency supplies, especially on solo trips and I texted my husband and told him if I had packed a thicker blanket and more dog food, I would be sleeping on my backseat air mattress and spending the night where I was. It was so beautiful and peaceful, it was hard to leave!

The feeling of peace that you can achieve while sitting on a mountain, with no other humans around, nobody asking you for anything, is amazing. I just wanted a day to be responsible for nobody else but myself and it was exactly what I needed.

On my way down the mountain I stopped at the Cat Lake Recreation Site parking lot and checked out the sign for the campsite.

It has outhouses, picnic tables and costs $15.00 per night. It looked like the sites were all walk-in and it is First Come First Serve.

There were signs warning of Bears in the area, an outhouse just off from the parking lot, and a map of the lake that someone had somewhat fittingly drawn to look exactly like a cat.

I would have loved to venture down to the lake but it was getting late and my injured knee was already sore. Besides, it gives me an excuse to come back and explore some more! For more information on Cat Lake Recreation Site, Click Here.

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Take the Backroads, Not the Highway.

Disclaimer: Road Trip Mama is for information purposes only and is not liable for any damages or injuries incurred if you attempt one of the trips posted. Always do your research, go prepared, tell someone your timeline and trip plan, and have a means of communication in case you run into trouble.

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