Mother’s Day Adventure 2020

The last few years I have decided to spend the day with my own little family making memories together, adventuring up a mountain.
This year we returned to one of our favorite places, East Harrison FSR. We skipped the extra 25km to the natural hot springs due to Covid-19 concerns this year and stopped at a perfect place right on a creek to have lunch.
There were no signs posted stating the name of the creek so after much online research and map consulting I determined we had been at Cogburn Creek. The water was beautiful, the sound of the creek so relaxing, birds chirping throughout the forest and a great spot all to ourselves!
It looked like a great camping spot and when I was searching for the creek name I ended up finding it in another camping post, so I am sure it is a popular spot that is hard to come by on weekends!

Cogburn Creek(I think)
Gorgeous spot along the creek

We passed three different vehicles along the way who had gotten flat tires and were putting their spare tires on. Always carry a spare tire and a good jack when you’re going off roading, especially if you’re not convoying with others!

The views along the drive make the bumps more than worth it. There are gorgeous views of Harrison Lake for much of the drive.

Harrison Lake

There are also amazing water falls like this one around the 20km mark.

After a break for lunch in this beautiful spot, a wade through the water and some time chilling out by a small fire left from the people before us, we extinguished the fire and headed back down the mountain.

The views are just as beautiful on the drive down & I enjoyed every minute of it. Getting the kids out of the house for the day was great, and everyone enjoyed the scenery on the drive up.

You can probably understand why this is one of my favorite places to visit! There are a few safety considerations before venturing up there, especially on weekdays there are active logging trucks on this road and they are big, loaded heavy and unable to stop quickly. Please drive safely, and always yield to the logging trucks. Also always pack out what you take in! We passed several garbage bags on the road next to the CLOSED Cogburn Beach and it was sad to see. Always pack extra garbage bags, pack out what you bring and even pick up a little extra if you are able.

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